Admissions FAQ

Admissions FAQ's

Should I pre-register for the entrance exam? Is there a fee for the entrance exam?
You must complete an Incoming Freshman application and submit all required materials before taking the entrance exam. There is a $35 fee for the online application.

Several schools are testing on the same day. Does it matter if I take the entrance exam at Benet?
Benet Academy gives priority to those students who tested at Benet. Take the test at Benet.

When is the deadline to complete the application?
An application must be completed prior to taking the entrance exam the first Saturday in December. Our preferred deadline is before November 16.

After I complete the application and take the entrance exam, do I need to do anything else to apply to Benet?

What time should I arrive for the exam?
Arrive at Benet by 8:00 AM. Exam begins promptly at 8:30 AM.

Where do I go?
Students can be dropped off most easily at the St. Ronald gym entrance on the west side of campus. Click here to view campus map​​​​​​​. Benet students will be available to help traffic flow and to direct parents and students to Alumni gym. From there students will be escorted to their assigned rooms for the test.

What should I wear? 
Students should dress comfortably as the test is several hours long. A break will be provided.

What should I bring or not bring?
Students should not bring a calculator. The use of calculators and dictionaries is prohibited. Pencil and paper will be provided. Students may bring a drink and snack.

How many are accepted?
OVER THE LAST 5 YEARS 75% (3 OUT OF 4) OF ALL APPLICANTS WERE ACCEPTED. About 400 applicants will be admitted.  The freshman class has 350 students.

What's the cutoff? 
The cutoff score varies each year depending on the number of applicants and the caliber of applicants.

When will I find out how I scored? 
The exam results and admission status will be mailed directly to you by the end of January.